Payton Castillo

“I was so glad that I went and for that five week experience of fully immersing myself in that time to the AI. I’m so glad I went away to do it. if I would have done it close to home, I would have been worrying about this or that or staying busy at the house just doing things. But separating myself for that time period and being fully focused was a beautiful thing and there was so much growth physically, spiritually and mentally. I learned so much and I am so thankful for that time I had in Miami! I didn’t know much or had ever met Tim when I came to the intensive. In that time though I was able to build student teacher relationship with him that I had not experienced before, which is special. He has a very special and unique gift of connecting with his students. Making them feel welcomed but also pushing them. From the moment he did the first adjustment on me I trusted him. I consider him my primary teacher at this point within the practice.”


Sally Bacon

“Being from a city where no one has ever been to Mysore, I was looking for Ashtanga training where I could trust that the teachers were teaching me correctly. So who else??  Searching for training by Kino/Kino’s team, I found the AI. I think the deciding factor was that it was so long, and I knew that by the end, I’d feel confident in taking my practice back home. If I had any hesitation, it was both financial and the time away from Husband and Hazelnut (doodle-dog). Once I knew I could handle the cost, and that Drew fully supported me going for so long, there was nothing but excitement! My personal takeaway is that I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything. Not only did I spend 5 weeks with some of America’s most experienced and dedicated Ashtanga lineage holders, but I made about 30 Ashtanga friends for life. We are from all over the world, and we shared 5 weeks of sweat, growth, and love. It was an experience of a lifetime.”