Qualities of a Yoga Teacher

by Emilia Arenas   In the Ashtanga Yoga system there are teachers that focus more on alignment, the breath, the vinyasa and other also try to stick with the sequence just as it is. But regardless of the focus, the heart of the teacher is…learn more

Asana Obsession and Yoga Practice

by Monica Arellano There seems to be lot of asana obsessed talk surrounding this practice. Its such a relevant topic since the first thing we are taught to observe is our body. But it is so easy to become obsessed with asana and forget about the…learn more

Why We Travel To Mysore

JOSEPH ARMSTRONG Yoga at the Source: Why I journeyed to Mysore Somewhere along the line I learned that it is better to dig one deep well than many shallow ones. Of course, there is much to be learned in exploration of various spiritual endeavors. But…learn more

Posing the Living and the Dead

by Joseph Armstrong   Maybe death is a larger part of my life than most- you see my partner Douglas is a mortician. I often listen to him as he shares with me about his day. How he cared for twin babies who didn’t make…learn more

Sitali; The Cooling Breath of Summer

If you find yourself melting in the summer heat, try this ancient yogic breathing technique to lessen the sweltering effect of the weather and get the added benefit of relaxing your mind. It is inevitable that we overheat sometimes when the sun rises and the…learn more

A Happy Life Is A Peaceful Life

A happy life is a peaceful life according to ancient yogic wisdom. Peaceful living pivots around the axis of kindness, compassion and non-harming on every level. The yogi strives to go beyond inner and outer conflict and turmoil in every action, from what we eat to how we show…learn more

The Importance of Sangha: An Interview with Tim Feldmann

by: Monica Arellano When I started practicing at Miami Life Center, it was my first encounter with a community that would help me through a practice I had blindly immersed myself in. Looking back, maybe it was because of that support from the teachers and…learn more

Tim Feldmann on Miami Life Center’s One Month Ashtanga Intensive

by: Monica Arellano So, I recently asked Tim Feldmann if he would tell me in his own words what it is he, Kino and Special Friends (yes that’s what he calls it) intend with the yearly One Month Ashtanga Intensive at Miami Life Center –…learn more

Cut to the Feeling!

by: Joseph Armstrong In those classic Hollywood silent films the big climax was always some exciting chase scene. The hero had lost something and a mad dash ensues to get it back. Filmmakers of the time knew that too much dialogue would bore the audience and…learn more

The Road Back Home in Mother India

By: Emilia Arenas About to finish 2017, a miracle of a year for me, with all the good and the not so good every year has to bring. I feel lucky to end this year in magical and intense Mother India. In Gokulam, the neighborhood…learn more

Sexual Misconduct, Pattabhi Jois, Ashtanga Yoga & Me

By: Tim Feldmann I was a young dancer in my first job (apprenticeship) in a country far away from home. My boss/choreographer told me that the best place to teach me some important lessons that I failed to understand through formal instruction would be in his…learn more

Playing Yoga

by: Sabe Mazzi Teaching yoga to children provides them with a variety of tools which they can take from the yoga class to use throughout their lives. Incorporating different aspects of the world around them, such as nature and animals allows them to connect to…learn more