Payton Castillo

“I was so glad that I went and for that five week experience of fully immersing myself in that time to the AI. I’m so glad I went away to do it. if I would have done it close to home, I would have been worrying about this or that or staying busy at the house just doing things. But separating myself for that time period and being fully focused was a beautiful thing and there was so much growth physically, spiritually and mentally. I learned so much and I am so thankful for that time I had in Miami! I didn’t know much or had ever met Tim when I came to the intensive. In that time though I was able to build student teacher relationship with him that I had not experienced before, which is special. He has a very special and unique gift of connecting with his students. Making them feel welcomed but also pushing them. From the moment he did the first adjustment on me I trusted him. I consider him my primary teacher at this point within the practice.”


Sally Bacon

“Being from a city where no one has ever been to Mysore, I was looking for Ashtanga training where I could trust that the teachers were teaching me correctly. So who else??  Searching for training by Kino/Kino’s team, I found the AI. I think the deciding factor was that it was so long, and I knew that by the end, I’d feel confident in taking my practice back home. If I had any hesitation, it was both financial and the time away from Husband and Hazelnut (doodle-dog). Once I knew I could handle the cost, and that Drew fully supported me going for so long, there was nothing but excitement! My personal takeaway is that I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything. Not only did I spend 5 weeks with some of America’s most experienced and dedicated Ashtanga lineage holders, but I made about 30 Ashtanga friends for life. We are from all over the world, and we shared 5 weeks of sweat, growth, and love. It was an experience of a lifetime.”


Mileva Donachie

“My first visit to Miami Life Centre was for the aptly named Ashtanga Intensive – a five week immersion in to all aspects of Ashtanga Yoga, which sublimely challenged, taught and supported growth not only through the practice of asanas, but also the study of anatomy & physiology, adjustments, meditation, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, other philosophical texts and chanting. All the teachers who delivered training graciously shared their depth of knowledge and were inspirational, helpful and understanding. The staff running the building and the busy yoga schedule were friendly and very informative, not only in regard to the yoga practice but also telling us the best places to eat, and where to visit. I learnt so much about Ashtanga Yoga and about myself during this intensive.”


Amber Martin

“I attended the month long Ashtanga Intensive and I fell in love as soon as I got here! The teachers are phenomenal- extremely knowledgeable, compassionate, and dedicated. I love that the staff is one big family and they make you feel welcome as soon as you walk into the door. My month long experience at MLC was life-changing and I look forward to visiting again in the near future.”


Lia Caldas

“Miami Life Center is the best place to learn about Ashtanga Yoga. I’ve travelled from Brazil to Miami just to study with them in the Ashtanga Intensive course. I’ve wanted to do this course for a long time and had high expectations, but the course was even better than I thought. People were friendly and the teachers were really knowledgeable about their topics. The structure of the course was well planned and the classes were great. I strongly recommend the Miami Life Center.”


Yvette Chang 

“I really enjoyed participating in the Miami Life Center Ashtanga Intensive program. It exceeded all my expectations. I was very impressed by the comprehensive program and in-depth information provided during the program–from the daily practices, to the informative and technical classes, detailed discussions and conversations with Kino and Tim and the other trainers at Miami Life Center. I appreciated the opportunity to learn about many inter-related topics (functional anatomy, technique, The Bhagavad Gita and philosophy and Ayurveda). The quality and depth of knowledge shared with us by Kino and Tim and the specialists and educators who came in to teach us certain specialized topics was exceptional. I am very happy to have completed the program and use it as inspiration to continue my journey in 2018 and beyond.”


Tatianna Uprimny

“Miami Life Center is an amazing space to hold your daily practice and to take any trainings or workshops they offer is the cherry on top. The team they have created is an incredibly diverse and yet harmonious team and together they hold a special place for practitioners to come and expand their horizons.”


Sapphire Raydon-Rennie

“Tim is an outstanding teacher. His knowledge of the yoga tradition, the physical yoga practice, anatomy and function of the body is immense. His teaching style is clear, compassionate and humorous, there was never a dull moment in class. Tim has a way to connect with every student in the room, his care and warmth comes across whilst practicing on the yoga mat and in the classroom environment. He is one of the best teachers I have worked with. Thank you Tim, I am truly grateful for the opportunity to learn from you.

This course was EXCELLENT in every way. The elements of the course were delivered by experts in their field, many of which are world renowned teachers. The Course Administrator was incredibly helpful ahead of the course starting, helping in anyway possible. They were very welcoming and efficient. On arrival at Miami Life Centre (MLC) the welcome was warm and friendly, giving the student group lots of helpful information and guidance for the 5 weeks ahead. The daily Mysore practice was held in the beautiful MLC Shala and the teacher and assistants were incredibly experienced and adapted to every students needs in a supportive and respectful manner. Helping students find their limits both physically and emotionally. The anatomy and yoga studies with Tim were excellent. The content covered was appropriate for all individuals – those who were completing the course to help them develop their own practice, those who were already teaching yoga and for those about to begin that journey. The anatomy provided a solid foundation and understanding of the mechanics of the body in a way that was easy to relate to. An excellent basis to now build upon. I also highly valued the time Tim took to break down each of the asanas and look at them from an anatomical perspective, each day building on the knowledge from the previous day. Tim also provided us with some very interesting additional reading for this part of the course that had been influenced by his experience as an acclaimed contemporary dancer and choreographer, using visualisation – it was a very interesting way to look at the physical yoga practice, and again helped deepen understanding. Studying yoga philosophy with Kino was very inspiring, she has this amazing way to help students really make sense of these ancients texts. Kino’s knowledge of the yoga philosophy is immense, she could have talked for days, and I would have happily sat and listened to her wealth of knowledge. She has this way of making the philosophy relate directly to our physical yoga practice on the mat, but also to our everyday lives and interactions with the world. Thank you Kino for all that you shared. One of the assignments on the course was related to the yoga philosophy we studied, it was a great opportunity to connect with an element of this subject area and really begin to delve into it. Having the opportunity to learn some Sanskrit chanting was a joy. Something I had always been interested to experience, but I’d never had the exposure to work with Sanskrit scholars. Chase Bossart was an inspirational teacher sharing his experiences and knowledge with the group. He worked hard to help us with the correct Sanskrit pronunciation in a light-hearted way. Studying The Bhagavad Gita with him was excellent, he made this ancient masterpiece so relatable and understandable. Working with Tim, Kino and the other teachers on the course to build and develop a solid foundation to teach the asanas to others was excellent. The teachers worked with the students to really embed the traditional yoga practice, enabling us to learn the correct Sanskrit name and pronunciation of the asanas and count, along with the traditional counted vinyasas of the practice. A real opportunity to appreciate this traditional practice. This really did prepare you for teaching in a real classroom environment. Learning and practicing meditation and pranayama was another valuable element of this course. Time was taken to explain the history, benefits and techniques of both these practices. Then together the students would practice, making this experience a truly powerful one. It has inspired and enabled me to develop a more regular practice for myself. The Ayurveda teachings on this course were very insightful, I had limited knowledge about this lifestyle and the benefits it brings to my yoga practice and general health and wellbeing. Since I have learnt about this method through this course I’ve made changes to my diet that have made a positive significant difference. The assessments during this course were well spaced out across the 200 hours. I got great value from all the feedback from each of the teachers that we worked with during the course. Feedback was very encouraging and constructive, inviting each student to reflect on their development during the course. It was a very supporting and safe learning environment. I would highly recommend this 200 hour course to anyone considering it. You will have a truly amazing experience and meet some amazing people along the way. If I had the opportunity to complete this course again, I would in a heartbeat.”

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