A Mild Introduction to Yin Practices

by Natalia Vásquez Often, when the term yoga is mentioned, people say “I can’t do that, I’m not flexible enough” or “Yes, I love the workout.” This is in response to what many people in the west define as yoga equaling a rigorous and challenging…learn more

Meditation Tips for Beginners

By Franci Blanco The first time I tried a meditation practice, I promptly decided I would never do that again! Everyone said I was going to feel blissful and relaxed, but all I recieved was pain in my body, distraction from sudden itches, and a…learn more

On the magic of Practice and the Yoga Sutras.

I remember myself from a very young age having a deep interest in spiritual matters. When I was a teenager I joined a group of people who would gather to pray together. It was a beautiful experience and soon I saw people develop the magical…learn more

An Unmoving Mountain – Reflections from a 10 Day Vipassana Course

It’s the day after I completed my first 10 day vipassana course and reintegrating into daily life is easier than I thought it would be, because going from no talking, only sitting with yourself to interacting with the outside world and answering emails should feel…learn more

Qualities of a Yoga Teacher

by Emilia Arenas   In the Ashtanga Yoga system there are teachers that focus more on alignment, the breath, the vinyasa and other also try to stick with the sequence just as it is. But regardless of the focus, the heart of the teacher is…learn more

Zoom, Sangha and other tales

By Beatriz Yepes On march I celebrated a year living in Miami. I decided to mark the milestone with a Mysore Ashtanga Retreat with my Teacher Kino Macgregor. It was an amazing experience. I felt connected to the practice, to my teachers and my new…learn more

Asana Obsession and Yoga Practice

by Monica Arellano There seems to be lot of asana obsessed talk surrounding this practice. Its such a relevant topic since the first thing we are taught to observe is our body. But it is so easy to become obsessed with asana and forget about the…learn more

5 Questions for the New (Or Relaunching) Yoga Teacher

By Joseph Armstrong Being a yoga teacher is more than just a career move for most of us. We’ve come to practice as a way of easing our own suffering and having found some success in that, we begin to want to share the healing…learn more

Why We Travel To Mysore

JOSEPH ARMSTRONG Yoga at the Source: Why I journeyed to Mysore Somewhere along the line I learned that it is better to dig one deep well than many shallow ones. Of course, there is much to be learned in exploration of various spiritual endeavors. But…learn more

The Mysore Room Experience: IRL & Virtual

By Monica Arellano I step on the mat (or log into zoom) and I think, ‘good I made it, the hardest part is over’. I remember why I’m here. How after I practice I feel so much better in the body and mind. More settled.…learn more

Posing the Living and the Dead

by Joseph Armstrong   Maybe death is a larger part of my life than most- you see my partner Douglas is a mortician. I often listen to him as he shares with me about his day. How he cared for twin babies who didn’t make…learn more

When You Find Out Your Yoga Teacher is Racist

By Shanna Small Two things showed me that members of my yoga community were racist; the election of Donald Trump and the murder of George Floyd by the police. Donald Trump’s election gave racists permission to be in the open. All of a sudden, yoga…learn more

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