A Happy Life Is A Peaceful Life

A happy life is a peaceful life according to ancient yogic wisdom. Peaceful living pivots around the axis of kindness, compassion and non-harming on every level. The yogi strives to go beyond inner and outer conflict and turmoil in every action, from what we eat to how we show up in personal and professional relationships. The basic idea of the yogi life is inner peace happen when we live in harmony with ourselves and our surroundings. Happiness does not live in a vacuum and as such in order to be truly happy we must cultivate peace on every level, every day and everywhere.

Now, peace and calm don’t just come by themselves. Making the commitment to live in a yogic way requires both work and commitment. A daily ‘yes I will’ is necessary to plant the seed of kindness and joy within us, along with moment-to-moment attention to thought and action. You must nurture the seed in order to grow a strong root. Only a strong root can grow a sturdy tree and only a healthy tree bears good fruit. So, by planting the seed of peace and tending to its growth with patience and diligence, you reap the harvest of true happiness in your life.

This is the poetic picture yoga paints for cultivating happy living. Yoga is time-tested method of personal practice that teaches every student just how to enjoy the harvest of life. Yoga is best practiced in a community with other people who walk the same path and face the same daily struggles. It is ideal to find a qualified teacher who has walked the path already, knows the terrain well and guides you with wisdom and compassion. When you have a method, you have a clearly defined path. When you have other people to walk with and a knowledgeable guide to follow, you are well-equipped for a successful hike into the spiritual forest.

While many people only see the poses, yoga is far more than a bunch of physical exercises. Yoga uses the physical body as a mirror with which to probe into our true being. The yoga postures offer a window into the inner world and after many years of practice you begin to see beyond the surface of the practice and ultimately deeply into yourself. You may start off in search of strength or flexibility, but you will find that the real benefits of the practice are much deeper. After many years of practice you will look in the mirror and see humility, courage, joy and self respect. You will find yourself a little more present, lighter, happier and so much more connected to ourselves and the people we love. And isn’t that what happiness is all about?

Come and join us at the Tierra Santa Yoga Room. We’d love to walk this path with you!

Tim Feldmann

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  1. I agree that yoga is far more than physical exercises. Yoga is a mind-body exercise effective for reducing stress, depression and improving brain function and mental health.

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