Best place to do yoga in the world! Amazing community, incredible and dedicated teachers. Can’t recommend this place enough. I’ve grown in my practice so much here – you can feel the love, patience and dedication of the teachers. And if you’re thinking about starting up a yoga practice, start here!

Tati Peralta-Quiroz

Miami Life Center has been a huge blessing. I’ve done sports all my life and other type of Yoga (more for stretching and relaxation). I never thought that I would be able to combine strong workout with spirituality. Build my strength, cure old injuries, develop a steady practice, get ancient wisdom and feel a sense of community all in just one place.

Miami Life Center introduced me to Ashtanga Yoga and I will always be grateful for it. I was lucky to get myself where most of the pro teachers do their personal practices…and that says a lot about this amazing place.

– Eva Hart

One of the best Ashtanga Shala’s around.  All of the teachers are exceptional, kind and attentive.  Whenever I am visiting from out of town I am sure to visit. Tim, Emilia, Eddy, to name a few, are exceptionally knowledgable and welcoming.

– Vivian Turajlic

So, I have been practicing Ashtanga yoga for almost twenty years and can honestly say MLC is the best Ashtanga yoga studio in Miami, hands down.  Every teacher I have practiced with at MLC is kind, knowledgeable, respectful, and careful in their adjustments. They are happy to answer questions and always respectful of each student’s individual experience level. The bathroom’s are clean and there’s even a shower that you can use after to wash up after practice so you can go straight to work or wherever else you need to go. The other practitioners range from beginners, to advanced, to old timers who have been practicing for decades and have started giving poses back. It’s a beautiful place to practice. Highly recommended.

– Jonathan Bakalartz

Miami Life Center is world-renowned because the teachers and staff are world-class. They have knowledge based on many years of direct and practical experience with yoga. I don’t live in Miami, but like many others from around the world,  I’ve made several extended trips from out of state to practice at Miami Life Center over the past few years: for the month-long Ashtanga Intensive in Jul. 2016, for a week-long workshop with Tim in Dec. 2017, and most recently to practice Mysore-style daily for a week with Alexandra in Jan. 2019, as my husband was running the Jan. 2019 Miami Marathon. In my time at Miami Life Center, I’m fortunate to have gotten to practice a fair amount with Tim, Kino, Alexandra, Joseph, and Eddy. I attribute my health and happiness in part to practices I’ve implemented in my life that I’ve learned from these teachers. They are inspirational both on and off the mat and always make me feel welcome. They are advanced practitioners who can teach absolute beginners and advanced yogis alike, and so I recommend Miami Life Center to anyone, from someone who has never practiced yoga before to advanced practitioners.

– Rachel Dyer

Here lies a hidden sanctuary in the midst of bustling beach town.  Whether you’re beginner and the idea of embarking down a yoga path has piqued your interest or you’re a seasoned veteran looking deepen your journey, this is the shala.  I was initially hesitant to start and it took me about a year to muster up the courage to walk through the doors because the idea of a steady ashtanga practice seemed intimidating and difficult, but from the very start I was met with warm smiles and people eager to assist me on the journey.   I’ve been a steady student for almost 3 years and i can’t imagine my life without this practice (and I don’t mean just bending myself into a pretzel).  You can come here for the asana but you will very soon discover there is much much more to this shala.  Highly recommended!

– Joahha Tewfik

Three years ago at the beginning of July I walked into @miamilifecenter holding in my hands what was left of my shattered soul. But during one month, @kinoyoga, @timfeldmannyoga, @alexandrasantosyoga and a number of other teachers helped break what was left of me down, in order to rebuild myself on a solid foundation. They reminded me of my natural strength, integrity, and worth. They showed me I can be powerful in the face of weakness, calm in the presence of panic, and fearless in confronting the self. They showed me how to walk gracefully threw life and how to never forget who I am again. I am forever grateful to this studio and this practice.

– Margaux Jacobs

I have been practicing at MLC for a little over a year. I actually moved to Miami Beach mainly to practice at MLC after doing several workshops there and loving the studio and the staff. It turned out to be an even better decision than I thought it would be. Not only my practice has deepened and improved, but I have made a whole new community of friends. The teachers are very dedicated and knowledgeable, there are regularly workshops with some of the best ashtanga teachers from all over and the studio also offers great complementary practices such as pranayama, yin yoga and yoga nidra. It’s more than a yoga studio, it’s a great community. I highly recommend to anyone who has an ashtanga practice or is interested in starting one.

– Justine Cathelin

I recently completed the API (Ashtanga Practitioners Intensive) at MLC and it was a life changing experience ?   all their staff is amazing and prepared in a wide variety of themes to support the practice. Tim and Kino are both incredible teachers and they passed that knowledge to their staff! I highly recommend the Mysore Classes with Emilia And Joseph, the Pranayama classes with Mark ( a once in a lifetime opportunity) and the LED class with Alexandra Santos ?

– Edgar Navarro

I’ve practiced in hundreds of studios around the world and Miami Life Center is one of my favorites. The teachers here are 100% dedicated to their practice. This isn’t a job for then it’s a way of living. Mysore with Eddie is 10/10 and guided classes with Patricia are incredible. The teacher push you and know when to leave you be. Try ashtanga yoga for 3 months and it will change your life.

– Luiz Centenaro

I recently completed a month long Ashtanga Practitioners Intensive at MLC. It was amazing. All of the instructors were very knowledgeable, extremely helpful and the adjustments were amazing. My practice has improved immensely. The studio not only focus on the asana practice, but the other limbs of Yoga as well. I would highly recommend MLC to anyone living in the area or visiting South Beach and looking for a place to practice while away from home.

– Derek H

I have felt very welcome at Miami Life center. I’m enjoying the practice Mysore style. All the teachers are dedicated to the practice and committed to move no You along the path too. If you are ever able to practice with TIM FELDMAN then GO. He’s lovely funny and humble with a wealth of experiential knowledge to share. Best Ashtanga experience I’ve had 

Grateful to live in Miami.

– Linda Pedrosa

Miami Life Center is one of the most highly recognized places to learn and practice Ashtanga Yoga in the world. During their Ashtanga Intensive in 2015, I had the huge pleasure and privilege of studying and practicing there for almost five  weeks, and again in 2017 for two weeks. The teachers are all of the highest standard, dedicated to and deeply knowledgeable of the tradition of Ashtanga Yoga,  and they create an atmosphere in which it is possible to be truly challenged and nurtured at the same time. I only wish I didn’t live so far away and that I could practice there daily. Whether you are a complete beginner or have been practicing for many years, MLC is the perfect place to start, continue and deepen your yoga journey.

– Lucinda Leachman

Miami Life Center is one of my favorite places on the planet. What is there not to love about this place? The Teachers are caring,devoted,compassionate,etc. The staff is so friendly and always very positive. Everytime I enter this place is like entering Heaven . The most amazing energy . I feel at home .MLC creates a safe and loving space for everyone. I have the pleasure of practicing Mysore daily . Miami LIfe Center rescued my heart and I will forever be thankful. I get to reconnect with myself and find peace. After every single practice I feel great and makes me want to be a better person to this world . This is where the magic happens. Not to mention they have the cutest yoga outfits ! Thank you Miami Life Center 🙂

– Kimberly Lopez

Magic happens here in Miami Life Center. Practicing Ashtanga Yoga here makes such a difference in my day. And repeating the experience everyday is life-changing. I highly recommend the place. It is for everyone. The teachers and assistants pass on the Ashtanga method with humility and reverence. They know what they are doing and do it with the utmost respect for the student and the tradition. I love hearing them speak about how the practice transforms them in such a positive way and how they want to share this feeling with the students. I feel the same too. MLC is the only place that felt like home to me after studying with my guru Sharath Jois. Now, I practice in MLC early morning with authorized teacher Alexandra Santos. She is 100% here for the students. We feel safe, always supported by her warm presence and assists. It is also priceless to be assisted by Esmeralda; she has magic in her hands and Katie too. Whenever possible, it is great to be assisted by the founders of the studio Tim Feldmann and Kino MacGregor. Their teachings are so valuable: a great source of knowledge and wisdom. I am so happy and grateful that they initiated me to this Ashtanga method. I met them in a workshop in London two years ago and ever since just wished to practice in their Miami studio. The place just feels like an abobe of peace and serenity. The books there are also really worth reading. Some are life changing. At the front desk, you will find Erin or JP. They are super friendly. Namaste everyone!

– Bgyoga France

Everyone at the Center treat you with genuine spirit. From the person who welcomes you to the teachers. Make you feel as if you belong, it dont matter which level, how experienced or not you are, this people guide you through and are open to communicate and guide you through the whole experience.


This is the best Yoga center i’ve ever been. Es authentic and for people that want to learn the real Ashtanga Yoga. I would definitely keep being a member.


This was my first primary series class, so happy I bought this on a visit to Miami. The teacher was so helpful, encouraging, and knowledgeable. The staff was also very friendly and they seem like family at this studio. 


This is the first time i doing intensive ashtanga yoga for me, but I found the teachers to be quite knowledgeable and helpful about the differences in practice. They have free meet and greets with traveling yoga experts and a daily roster of classes. Thankfully two they have a shower that gets used by students before and after the exercises.


I’ve been practicing at Miami Life Center for the past 2 years and am truly addicted. Not only is the Ashtanga practice at this studio authentic, but it’s not as intimidating as I thought it would be. ALL of the teachers and apprentices were so welcoming and supportive when I first began and 2 years later they are so knowledgeable about where I am in my journey and how to support the process beyond asana alignment and adjustments.

Getting to know the teachers and see their own journey has been part of the inspiration and the reason I find myself dragging my behind to the studio on days that I have no desire to move. They all have a dedicated practice and because of this truly understand the internal intelligence of the asanas. It is also so rare to find teachers that understand yoga beyond asana. Because of their curiosity of yoga as a science of the mind, they have been able to support me when my desire to step on my mat is minimal.

They have become my community. I am incredibly grateful to them!!


I stumbled upon this yoga studio serendipitously and decided to drop in for a class.

The receptionist asked if I’ve ever taken ashtanga before so that I would be aware of how physically demanding this class is going to be… that’s how you know their classes kick asses (sorry, I just had to rhyme)!

I handed over $20 and put away my flip flops in a little cubbie, then put away my jacket in the bathroom. A mat is free for the first time. When the time came, we went into the smaller room.

They offer different levels; I took a full primary class. It was definitely tough and I loved every minute of it. The instructor did hands-on adjustments which I appreciate greatly. I felt rejuvenated afterwards! I’ve taken many yoga classes in New York City and I wish we had this studio here!

After that, check out Under the Mango Tree nearby for a smoothie!

-Elsie W. 

The Ashtanga teaching is the main event at the studio, but I’m very impressed by the Yin class and Restorative yoga classes.

Honestly, I felt so taken care of — just shy of being pampered– that it felt like a five-star resort spa with millionaire South Beach clientele.

I doubt that the Fountainbleu has a better

targeted muscle relax program than MLC’s.

-Boll F

I’ve been so impressed with this studio. I chose to sign up during a 2-month vacation in Miami, and I’m so glad I did. I didn’t even know a yoga studio could be this professional and driven. I took the Foundations I class with them, and the way they teach the poses is just so much clearer than a standard Vinyasa class. When you can’t do it exactly the way it’s supposed to be done, the teachers tell you what part is the most important for the pose, which was absolutely il-lum-i-nat-ing. I would legitimately move to Miami Beach just to keep working with this team.

-Samantha A

I’ve been fortunate enough to have been introduced to yoga from a young age. I never practiced regularly until about 7 years ago. Doing as much traveling as I did, I needed a form of movement that didn’t require weights, a gym, or a lot of “stuff”.

I have taken classes with Day, Lisa, Alexandra, and Patrick – all top notch instructors who are dedicated to their practice and their students. Day & Patrick have a tough love approach while Lisa & Alexandra are softer. But all are at the top of their teaching game and it shows in their adjustments, their understanding of the human body, as well as how to get into a certain asana with a minor tweak. But it’s not just about getting into the asanas. I love the attention that I am shown on a consistent basis from my instructors and I feel like they live and breathe yoga in honor of the Ashtanga & Mysore lineage.

I can’t say enough good things about this center. It has a stellar reputation and for good reason. The emphasis on form/alignment, as well as the spirituality of the classes; there is no other place in Miami that offers Mysore, as well as Ashtanga classes. It’s apparent that there is a strong emphasis on the lineage of yoga as it was taught by the gurus and I’m blessed to be able to call this studio home when I’m in Miami.

The studio itself is bright, clean and spacious. The staff are friendly and helpful and patient. It’s apparent that a lot of love and attention was paid into building this center and I know it will continue to be a mecca and sacred space for practitioners for years to come.



I have never written a yelp review before but this experience was so invaluable to me that I wanted to take the time to let others know about Miami Life Center and their impeccable services and outstanding trainings!! I am someone who usually thoroughly investigates trainings or any services prior to attending, so that I am using my time wisely and going to the BEST! This is what you receive at MLC, the BEST!

I attended their Ashtanga Intensive in July and I was thoroughly impressed and as I stated prior, it was an invaluable experience for me. Being that I am an older client, I wanted to make sure that I was in a safe and educated environment. Tim Feldman and Kino MacGregor and their staff are so highly educated and knowledgeable! I received safe and appropriate adjustments and encouragement and direction where necessary from highly experienced teachers. The training allowed me to grow, transform and experience an extraordinary yoga community. They were able to work with a broad range of experience and create growth, community and knowledge within the training community. The outside speakers that are brought in have such strong theoretical and practical understanding of the subjects presented and they are not only there for the presentations but are also available for questions and outside consultations. I felt that I was completely taken care of inside and outside of the training with the resources provided to us and a benefit to the training was the high level of comfort I felt throughout the training. This training is the real deal!

A bonus to the training is the kind and gentle approach from Tim and Kino and the staff at MLC. When you attend this training you are receiving years of experience and dedication from committed practitioners who are there to share their passion and knowledge with you. I cannot recommend their trainings enough or the studio! I hope that you will find the experience the same and enjoy the transformation that comes with practice and training at MLC!

-Anne H

What a wonderful place! I was visiting South Beach with my partner and looking for a good yoga class. I teach yoga in Santa Monica, CA — which is basically the epicenter of yoga in the US — so you can imagine I have pretty high standards.

I took a wonderful Ashtanga class. The instructor was amazing, the staff was SO NICE, and the woman at the front desk was exceptionally sweet.

Thank you Miami Life Center for giving me a great travel yoga experience. I’ll definitely be back for more.

-Justin W

I’ve taught and practiced “power” yoga for about 5 years so I thought I was pretty confident in my knowledge in yoga. Little did I know! I went to my first Ashtanga class about 2 months ago and I walked out of that classed thinking “what the heck have I been doing for the last 5 years.”. I am hooked! If you want to call yourself a real yoga practitioner, do Mysore.

 First of, as you move along in the set asanas you can really see your progress, both mentally and physically. Second, the self practicing atmosphere is the best way to let go of your ego and focus directly on your practice. Finally, the teachers. I have never experienced another yoga studio that has such skilled, such dedicated, and so helpful yoga teachers than at MLC. They really know what they are doing! Daylene and Patrick are my personal faves. I am so happy that I have finally found a studio that wants me to progress and doesn’t have that mystical hoity toity “if you’re too sore or tired don’t even try it” attitude. They see what you are capable and they will teach you how to get there if you are willing to learn.

As far as the employees that I’ve seen working there, it is refreshing to come into a studio where the front desk people are friendly and remember your name.They are familiar with and practice the yoga they represent in the studio, and they make the effort to tell you if you are ready for mysore based on your history of yoga. In summary: if you haven’t tried this place, do it! You won’t be disappointed.

-Xue W

There is only one real problem with MLC, and that is once you practice here for any length of time, it’s hard to find another place that fills the void when you have to travel, vacation etc.

I’ve only been practicing Ashtanga for 2 years, and was a sporadic practitioner of other types of yoga before that. I used to do yoga as my “day off” until I moved to Miami and walked into my first MLC class. That mind set all ended with my first half-primary class. I mostly do mysore now, with a led class or two on the weekends.

I have yet to take a class with a less than awesome teacher. Are they tough? Yep. Are they militant? No. They care about the practice, don’t like ego, and know their s#$%. Like many, my girl is Day, but I love Emilia, Alexandra, Lisa, Patrick….they all bring a little something different to the practice so I pick up things from each one. It is true that Kino doesn’t teach regular classes, but she does do Mysore when she is in town..It’s always a trip to unroll your matt next to this tiny beautiful girl and realize you are trying to heave your butt into a jump back next to the bendiest, strongest person ever…But that’s the awesome thing about MLC (and ashtanga) It just doesn’t matter. The collective feeling of the center is awesome- serious, supportive, and motivating – as are the teachers.

Clearly, I am a fan! Check it out!

-Brooke A

Miami Life Center is an exceptional studio. It has impacted my life in a profoundly positive way. When I began practicing here three years ago I was deeply in awe and intimidated by traditional Ashtanga yoga. My fears of inadequacy were immediately put to rest in the Intro classes I started with. At MLC, traditional Ashtanga yoga is accessible to anyone and everyone who has a desire to practice. After taking the Intro and guided half primary classes for a couple of months I felt ready to jump in to the traditional Mysore style classes – I have never looked back. The studio is run so professionally and is always neat and clean. I feel incredibly lucky to have access to Mysore style classes early in the morning every day taught by experienced and devoted instructors. If you already have an ashtanga practice, Miami Life Center is the perfect place to learn more – and if you are curious about Ashtanga – MLC will give you access to the practice in a supportive and manageable way. It is difficult to express the full extent of my gratitude for Miami Life Center in a review, but I encourage all to visit and experience for themselves.

-Elizabeth Daly Wallace

I have had the pleasure of practicing and studying at MLC the last five weeks. I came from Tennessee to study here with these amazing teachers! All the of the teachers here are so knowledgeable and carry on the ashtanga yoga tradition and lineage beautifully. They are caring and their passion for what they do shines so brightly. It’s a wonderful place to call your home Shala and if you live by you should ! I will defiantly be back to study and learn more here!

-Payton Castillo

This studio is awesome. The owners, teachers and classes are all full of vibrant energy. I came from Dallas, Texas to study all month with the amazing teachers here and they are so caring, have top-shelf knowledge and can help anybody with there yoga practice. I wish I lived here so I could practice here daily.. Many of my friends from Dallas come here to practice regularly because there is no other studio like this. I appreciate all the adjustments in class, friendly faces and authenticity they offer..

-Leanne Gripp H

Currently in Miami Life Center’s Ashtanga Practitioner’a Intensive for the whole month! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this studio. It’s a REAL studio that offers REAL yoga.. no fluff, just straight to the point challenging yoga with highly experienced, professional and world renowned teachers. I also love that yogis from all over the world come to practice yoga here!! If you’re interested in traditional Ashtanga yoga… check this studio out!

-Brittany Kovler

I am so happy to have been a part of this last Ashtanga intense course. Now after 5 weeks a lot of new knowledge and inspiration. They are sharing everything from their heart and the quality was much higher than expected. Thank you! 

-Marit Gramstad

AMAZING EXPERIENCE. I have been practicing yoga for over a decade. I’m a 500hr yoga teacher. I had contemplated an Ashtanga practice for years but kept making excuses.
Once I relocated to Miami I made decision to attend MLC to learn from tip teachers. I reached out to several of my high level Ashtangi friends and they all directed me here. I’m not going to lie
I was nervous, excited And perhaps a little scared after reading some reviews. I took the plunge anyway.

WHAT A GREAT DECISION. I have felt completely at home at MLC. The teachers are helpful and warm. If you’re there to practice and get strong and step into greatness this is where you need to be. If you’re not serious about your practice then you may not like ASHTANGA. I have had the honor of practicing with teachers that are dedicated to the Ashtanga method and travel on yearly pilgrimages to Mysore to practice at GuRuJi feet.
Tim Feldman has been in mysore room as a treat the past 2weeks. His adjustments are divine. He is so HUMBLE, FUNNY and ACCESIBLE to all.
The other teachers are fantastic. Each has a heart to serve and walk the path ready to illuminate for their students.
If you are visiting or live in Miami and Ashtanga is your jam then MLC is the place to be

Very happy

-Linda Pedrosa

I can only highly recommend Miami Life Center. The intensive ashtanga training with Kino MacGregor, Tim Feldmann, Alexandra Santos and all the other teachers was a truly transformative period for me. I learned so much not only about the anatomy, the physical practice but also on a spiritual level. These teachers truly incarnate the true meaning of yoga and have shown me how to practice each and every day even when not on my mat. If you are into Ashtanga yoga and looking to deepen your practice, don’t even look further: MLC is for you!

-Stefanie George

I found this program to be thorough and comprehensive, and the content of all components matched the description in the course pack. We benefitted from excellent tuition in a safe and supportive environment. It was truly a wonderful, life-changing experience, giving a solid grounding in all subjects covered. Assessment was thorough and rigorous, and feedback we received on our progress during classes was given in a helpful and supportive manner.

I cannot recommend this program highly enough. There are a lot of other programs out there, but I know I made the absolute best decision for me. I feel honored to have shared the time with my fellow students and to receive teaching and guidance from such knowledgeable practitioners. I loved every aspect of it and am so happy to be a part of the Miami Life Center family.

-Jools Banwell

Miami Life Center is the best place to learn about Ashtanga Yoga. I’ve travelled from Brazil to Miami just to study with them in the Ashtanga Intensive course. I’ve wanted to do this course for a long time and had high expectations, but the course was even better than I thought. People were friendly and the teachers were really knowledgeable about their topics. The structure of the course was well planned and the classes were great. I strongly recommend the Miami Life Center.

-Lia Caldas

I really enjoyed participating in the Miami Life Center Ashtanga Intensive program. It exceeded all my expectations. I was very impressed by the comprehensive program and in-depth information provided during the program–from the daily practices, to the informative and technical classes, detailed discussions and conversations with Kino and Tim and the other trainers at Miami Life Center. I appreciated the opportunity to learn about many inter-related topics (functional anatomy, technique, The Bhagavad Gita and philosophy and Ayurveda). The quality and depth of knowledge shared with us by Kino and Tim and the specialists and educators who came in to teach us certain specialized topics was exceptional. I am very happy to have completed the program and use it as inspiration to continue my journey in 2018 and beyond.

-Yvette Y. Chang

This 200 hour course was EXCELLENT! It was very well organized, all members of the teaching team were well prepared, approachable, professional and compassionate. They all had a wealth of experience that came across in their teaching methods. I feel honored to have had the opportunity to learn from the amazing teachers at Miami Life Centre. I honestly do not feel I could have attended a better 200 hour course. It covered all elements as listed above in depth, in an easy to understand method, taught by world-renowned teachers. This course definitely prepared me to begin my journey as a teacher and share yoga with others. I would highly recommend this course to others. I would complete this course all over again given the opportunity.

Tim is an outstanding teacher. His knowledge of the yoga tradition, the physical yoga practice, anatomy and function of the body is immense. His teaching style is clear, compassionate and humorous, there was never a dull moment in class. Tim has a way to connect with every student in the room, his care and warmth comes across whilst practicing on the yoga mat and in the classroom environment. He is one of the best teachers I have worked with. Thank you Tim, I am truly grateful for the opportunity to learn from you. (PS. I’m happy for any of my comments to be used publicly should MLC wish).

This 200 hour course was EXCELLENT in every way. The elements of the course were delivered by experts in their field, many of which are world renowned teachers. The Course Administrator was incredibly helpful ahead of the course starting, helping in anyway possible. They were very welcoming and efficient. On arrival at Miami Life Centre (MLC) the welcome was warm and friendly, giving the student group lots of helpful information and guidance for the 5 weeks ahead. The daily Mysore practice was held in the beautiful MLC Shala and the teacher and assistants were incredibly experienced and adapted to every students needs in a supportive and respectful manner. Helping students find their limits both physically and emotionally. The anatomy and yoga studies with Tim were excellent. The content covered was appropriate for all individuals – those who were completing the course to help them develop their own practice, those who were already teaching yoga and for those about to begin that journey. The anatomy provided a solid foundation and understanding of the mechanics of the body in a way that was easy to relate to. An excellent basis to now build upon. I also highly valued the time Tim took to break down each of the asanas and look at them from an anatomical perspective, each day building on the knowledge from the previous day. Tim also provided us with some very interesting additional reading for this part of the course that had been influenced by his experience as an acclaimed contemporary dancer and choreographer, using vissualisation – it was a very interesting way to look at the physical yoga practice, and again helped deepen understanding. Studying yoga philosophy with Kino was very inspiring, she has this amazing way to help students really make sense of these ancients texts. Kino’s knowledge of the yoga philosophy is immense, she could have talked for days, and I would have happily sat and listened to her wealth of knowledge. She has this way of making the philosophy relate directly to our physical yoga practice on the mat, but also to our everyday lives and interactions with the world. Thank you Kino for all that you shared. One of the assignments on the course was related to the yoga philosophy we studied, it was a great opportunity to connect with an element of this subject area and really begin to delve into it. Having the opportunity to learn some Sanskrit chanting was a joy. Something I had always been interested to experience, but I’d never had the exposure to work with Sanskrit scholars. Chase Bossart was an inspirational teacher sharing his experiences and knowledge with the group. He worked hard to help us with the correct Sanskrit pronunciation in a light-hearted way. Studying The Bhagavad Gita with him was excellent, he made this ancient masterpiece so relatable and understandable. Working with Tim, Kino and the other teachers on the course to build and develop a solid foundation to teach the asanas to others was excellent. The teachers worked with the students to really embed the traditional yoga practice, enabling us to learn the correct Sanskrit name and pronunciation of the asanas and count, along with the traditional counted vinyasas of the practice. A real opportunity to appreciate this traditional practice. This really did prepare you for teaching in a real classroom environment. Learning and practicing meditation and pranayama was another valuable element of this course. Time was taken to explain the history, benefits and techniques of both these practices. Then together the students would practice, making this experience a truly powerful one. It has inspired and enabled me to develop a more regular practice for myself. The Ayurveda teachings on this course were very insightful, I had limited knowledge about this lifestyle and the benefits it brings to my yoga practice and general health and wellbeing. Since I have learnt about this method through this course I’ve made changes to my diet that have made a positive significant difference. The assessments during this course were well spaced out across the 200 hours. I got great value from all the feedback from each of the teachers that we worked with during the course. Feedback was very encouraging and constructive, inviting each student to reflect on their development during the course. It was a very supporting and safe learning environment. I would highly recommend this 200 hour course to anyone considering it. You will have a truly amazing experience and meet some amazing people along the way. If I had the opportunity to complete this course again, I would in a heartbeat.

-Sapphire Raydon-Rennie

Joseph was incredible. He was so inviting and really created a very welcoming space. Highly recommend him. 

Monica is incredible! I loved her class ???? her instructions were so clear and she adjusted me! Loved flowing with her and the chants were so soothing. 10/10 would recommend 

5 star class, as always at MLC. Best instructors in Miami! Lia gave amazing adjustments and took the time and care to make sure we were all getting the absolute most out of every asana. Thank you!

A M A Z I N G!! Patricia classes are just great, her cues and her discipline during the class motivates you to keep going back 

Patty is the actual best – her class is a workout, a challenge, a sweat, and emotional therapy – plus she works on your technique and cares about your form 

Monica Arellano is a great instructor. She explained and demonstrated the sequences very well. This particular class definitely helped correct my form.

The class is amazing! It is not my first time at the studio and yet the instructor impresses me every time. Knowledgeable teachers, hands on and are not afraid of correcting people.Highly recommended for all levels and if you are looking for an amazing workout. Loved the instructor!!!! 

Patricia is a wonderful teacher. Her adjustments are fantastic and her humor, devotion, and energy follow suit. Love her class every time. 

Friendly environment filled with extremely knowledgeable instructors. Amazing class and experience. Patricia is radiant and sweet, yet strict and challenging. She offered modifications  and assisted many students. 10/10

Miami life center’s classes are life changing. I love a good vinyasa flow class but may honestly devote myself to ashtanga after experiencing it like this. The adjustments are always amazing. 

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