Online Classes

Ready to begin with our new online classes?

Here’s how.

Follow the instructions as outlined in this video tutorial:


VERY IMPORTANT!!! When you open your account make sure you check ALL the boxes to receive emails from us other wise you won’t be able to receive the email with the ZOOM link for your class.

Now that you know how to register with MindBody, let’s look at Zoom.

During these days of Coronavirus and social distancing regulations, were getting creative! We are using ZOOM to host online Mysore Style and guided classes. It’s easy to use and available for all platforms – desktops, tablets, phones, etc.

Let’s Zoom:

Now let’s set up our free zoom account. This will get much more intuitive the more you use the program!

Step 3: Download the ZOOM Cloud Meetings app on the media you will use. (Desktop ZOOM / ZOOM Cloud Meetings App on Google Play / ZOOM Cloud Meetings App for Apple devices /on either tablets or phone devices). See the tutorial below about Joining a Meeting.

Step 4: Sign up on the App before the first virtual class. I recommend starting a meeting and playing with the layout a bit and testing your video and audio settings if you’re unfamiliar with it.

Step 5: Immediatly after registering for class you will receive an email with the zoom link.

Step 7: Once you’ve joined the class, please note that your audio is set automatically to mute and It’s best to keep the audio off during class.

How to join a zoom meeting:

Preparing your device and space for class.

Space: you can practice anywhere you want !

Device: So that we can provide occasional feedback on alignment, make sure that you camera has a braod field of view so that we can see your whole body.

Audio: When you first join the ZOOM meeting, your audio is automatically turned off so we can not hear you unless it is turned on. We recommend to keep the audio muted during the practice. To hear the instructor, be sure you have good speakers and your volume is all the way turned up.

All of your MLC instructors are eager to see you!

Let us know if you have any questions about how this all works… We’re happy to help!

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